Tactical Paintball League (TPL)   

  5-Man Tactical Paintball

T.P.L. Sacramento

If you are in Northern California be sure to e-mail or speak with our TPL representative JAZZ  916.825.8698

We are working with local fields to bring the TPL Season to Cali!!!!

Who Will Be The
2018 TPL Champions?

The Tactical Paintball League began in Phoenix, AZ to provide a competitive league for all player types and skill levels.  We have created a 5-man mission driven game format with different roles and objectives to complete for each team member.

The Tactical Paintball League (TPL) consists of a 5-game season. There will be one game per month with a sixth and championship game being held. Any player or team can begin at any point of the season. Individual and team statistics are tracked and awards are based on performance. 

The roles in the Tactical Paintball League consist of a Medic, Sniper, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Squad Automatic Weapon Gunner (SAW), and Heavy Weapons. Each role will have different ammunition and loadout caps, for example, the Sniper can carry a maximum of 50 rounds while the SAW Gunner may use as much as he/she can carry.  The EOD may carry 2 paintball mines while the HW player may carry a rocket launcher. Click here to see player roles!
Become a part of the only competitive tactical paintball league in AZ.  Play with some of the best tactical players in the state and experience the family atmosphere with our youngest players checking in at 10 years old.  Many of our teams are literally families with 3 generations being represented on some teams.  Where else can you suit up Grandpa to provide overwatch for your Dad while you go in the trenches and Do Work!

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