Tactical Paintball League (TPL)   

  5-Man Tactical Paintball


The Tactical Paintball League (TPL) offers affordable and competitive scenario paintball to everyone.  By simply joining the website, you are helping promote our amazing sport and will receive updates regarding TPL events and promotions (join website here).  It's no secret that paintball can be expensive but with our ammo caps and low cost we are providing competitive paintball for every skill level at an incredible value.

As a member of the TPL, you will be part of an elite group of paintballers who value fair play and competition above a "win at all costs" attitude.  By registering below and paying only $29.95, you will be registered with the TPL for the entire 2017/18 season of play; your statistics will be uploaded and tracked after each game, you will receive discounts through TPL sponsors, and you will be eligible for individual season awards plus entry into the championships.  Players are responsible for payment of field fees for the day of play and must abide by the local field rules. 

Did we mention that the TPL is sponsored by Hustle Paintball, RAP4, Valken and other paintball companies?  Registered players are eligible to receive 15% discounts on products from Hustle Paintball and RAP4; Valken is busy putting together some prize packages for this year's players.  Talk about value! The savings from the gear you're going to buy anyway will easily pay for your TPL membership dues.

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The cost for joining the league is a one time payment of $29.95.  Simply click Player Registration below to complete the process.  Once registered you will be able to compete in all of the TPL games for the 2017/18 season and your local championships.  You will be eligible for individual awards for stats during the season and for the team awards given to podium finishers. You will also be eligible for all of the great deals offered by our sponsors.

Do you have a team or want to start a team? This is the place to get started.  Click Team Registration below to have your squad added to the 2017/18 eligible TPL teams.  We can help you fill out your roster if needed, or go ahead and present your squad to be added to the 2015/16 roster of teams.


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Want to be a sponsor for the TPL?  With over 25,000 page views and cross advertising with major paintball companies, we are reaching a lot of people.  Let's work together to get your products in front of our weekend warriors with disposable incomes and introduce a wider audience to the great sport of paintball.  Click on the tab below to get involved today!

Want to start the TPL in your city? This is the place to get started.  Simply click "Start A League" below to find out how to get a TPL league started in your hometown or at your home field.


Please E-mail tacticalpaintballleague@gmail for more information

Call the TPL Coordinator Chris at 480.352.8008 for more information